Dr. Dunleavy was born and raised in small rural town, just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Dunleavy has always surrounded himself with animals starting from a young age, more specifically horses, dogs, cats, and other small critters. He has always maintained a certain connection with said animals and their fantastic pet parents. Dr. Dunleavy attended Ross University to pursue his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, completing his clinical studies with Lincoln Memorial College of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduation, Dr. Dunleavy worked at a small practice in Northeast Pennsylvania and then connected with Dr. Lewis, who made a huge impact on his career focus, helping guide him to serve the Las Vegas animal and human community!

Dr. Dunleavy not only loves helping and spending time with all of your pets, but loves spending his off days taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking, hitting the slopes at Lee Canyon, or even riding his Harley. He loves to go on as many new adventures as possible, and surrounding himself with the people that matter most to him. Dr. Dunleavy also has a small zoo at home consisting of two coconut retrievers, Worm and Flea, one blind husky mix, Minkah, and one cat, Mushu.