Preventative care is key to ensuring your pet family leads a lifetime of health and wellness. Grand Montecito Animal Hospital provides a full range of preventive care services to help your pet live a longer, happier life. Routine physicals and diagnostics increase the odds of detecting problems early in pets, before they become severe and costly.

A wellness exam includes a nose to tail physical evaluation. Your doctor will perform the following:

  • Nostril evaluation
  • Weight check
  • Temperature reading
  • Ear and eye examination
  • Dental exam
  • Abdominal palpation
  • Heart and Lung (Cardiopulmonary) analysis
  • Skin (Dermatological) exam
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation

Every pet is a little bit different, just like every human is different. Our veterinarians and staff want to ensure that we provide the best experience by practicing the best medicine. In addition to a general wellness exam, our hospital provides diagnostic imaging, and lab testing, radiographs, state of the art surgical equipment, and offer geriatric and hospice care.

In addition to routine consultations, your pet’s doctor will evaluate and discuss areas of concern. While yearly physical exams are strongly recommended, we encourage pet parents to take notice of any irregularities with your pet. Take detailed notes and bring them with your pet to their next exam.

Preventative health care for our pets is essential to their longevity. We understand that pet care can become costly, which is why we will go over estimates with you prior to any procedure. Our doctors and staff ask that payment is rendered at the time of service.