When your pets are in need of medical care, the problem is that they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Grand Montecito Animal Hospital offers the latest in digital radiology and x-ray technology. New digital x-ray systems have vastly improved our diagnostic abilities by using computers to aid in the capture and manipulation of the image (including magnification), to see certain conditions more clearly.

Grand Montecito Animal Hospital has invested in this cutting edge technology to better serve your pet family. Diagnostic procedures such as radiology and ultrasound provide visual pieces to the puzzle of your pet’s health to help your veterinarian determine the cause of their illness of extent of their injury.

Some examples of diagnostic procedures include, but not limited to, radiology and ultrasound. Radiology is a safe, non-invasive form of imaging that allows your doctor to visualize the internal organs or skeletal system. With the advancement of capturing these images digitally, these pictures provide your doctor with information that cannot be seen by a physical exam and can help diagnose gastrointestinal obstructions, fractures, masses, just to name a few. When it comes to ultrasounds, this method uses sound waves to create an image. This technology is also a safe and non-invasive procedure that allows your doctor to visualize and evaluate the structure of specific organs.