All pets are different just like their humans, and not all animal health problems can be caught through a physical exam. Here at Grand Montecito, we have upgraded our laboratory and diagnostic facility to better accommodate your pet’s medical needs.

With these upgrades, we have a vast array of laboratory tests and diagnostic equipment that helps us give you the most accurate picture of your pet’s health. Among the common types of diagnostic testing is our in-house cytology. These procedures (Cytologies), can be performed on the ears or skin and helps to determine whether the infection your pet has is due to bacteria or yeast. While cytology is prevalent, other diagnostic tests such as blood work, are increasingly important for your pet as well.

At Grand Montecito Animal Hospital, our priority is to ensure your pet receives the most accurate medical care and treatment options available. Making sure we are upgraded with the best medical equipment, with access to our in-house pharmacy, not only makes our hospital better, it ensures that your pet has the best, most efficient care possible.