At Grand Montecito Animal Hospital, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your pet family leads a healthy and happy lifestyle. While we know pets don’t live as long as humans, we strive to keep your pet around as long as possible. Proper nutrition is a common concern for many of our patients. Obesity is a serious disease that can lead to complications, which play a role in your pet’s overall health and wellness.

Did you know that maintaining a pet at his or her ideal body weight can improve life expectancy by up to 20%? One of the biggest problems we see is with proper nutrition, which is why we offer nutritional counseling during your pet’s wellness exam. The doctor will evaluate your pet’s body condition score and discuss your pet’s current diet and exercise. In some circumstances, your pet’s doctor may recommend potential diagnostic testing to rule out any underlying problems.

Our doctors and staff at Grand Montecito Animal Hospital believe that a well-balanced diet and exercise is paramount to good health which is why we have a variety of nutritional plans and food for your pet to eat. Personalized weight management programs may include special therapeutic diets and exercise plans. We carry food and treats that are tailored to your pet’s dietary and medical needs. When scheduling your next appointment, please mention that you would like to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs.